Incoming FAQs

1. How do I apply to study at EEABB as an Erasmus / Exchange student?

To apply, you have to enter the online application and fulfill all the things requested. Please note that we will ask you for:

-          The student application form.

-          The learning agreement.

-          A copy of your Transcript of Records from your home university.

-          A copy of your passport or Identity Card, before your arrival.

For further information :

2. If I don’t have all the documents, is it a problem?

Yes. If there’s any information missing, we won’t process your application until we receive all the documents.

3. I have already been accepted. Do I need to complete the forms?

Once you have been accepted, it is very important that all students complete the application process in order to be registered at the University Data Base. You can’t come to EEABB until you have completed the full application process and have received the acceptance letter.

4. I’m not an EU/EEA citizen. Can I apply?

Yes you can apply if our School/University and yours have signed a bilateral agreement to allow you make this exchange.

5. Will the EEABB provide accommodation? How can I get it?

You will be able to apply for accommodation if you come within the normal semester dates. Please, make sure that your booking has been done before coming. You will be responsible of finding your own accommodations. For the closest available option, you can contact the Residence in this link:

6. What about the European Health Insurance Card?

For all the European incoming students we remind you to bring the European Health Insurance Card. This is necessary to access the public system.

7. Which subjects I can choose?

You can choose subjects from any course and degree if your home university accepts it. Be careful because if you choose subjects from different degrees and courses you may have problems with the timetable and maybe some subjects will be overlapping. We advise you to check the schedules available on the website and choose the groups that best fit, before the enrollment.

8. Are the subjects different for the spring and autumn semester?

The subjects to be taken in Q1, Q3, Q5 and Q7 correspond to the Winter Semester (From September to January) and the ones taught in Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8 are for the Spring Semester (From February to June).

9. How can I get from Barcelona to EEABB?

You can arrive by train with the R2 line (21 minuts), by bus with the L95 (35 minuts)  line or by car (15 minuts). Please see this link:

10. When do I have to do the enrollment?

You will do the enrollment once you have arrived to EEABB. To do it with enough time, we suggest you to come some days before the lessons start.

11. How can I contact the professors?

You can contact with professors once you have made your enrollment. The email addresses are available on the “Atenea” website.

Also   you can find some email addresses in this  link

12 .Can I make changes on the learning agreement once the lessons have started?

You can make changes to the learning agreement if your home university accepts that. If not, you cannot do them.

13. How can I find credentials to entry in UPC courses?

When you will be enrolled, you can check information about your credentials in the links below. Anyway, you have to know you will receive an email to your account – this is the one that you have introduced at the moment of your registration to the incoming website.

14. UPC Student CARD

Down load APP UPC at

Apple Store ( posar aquest link:

Google Play  ( posar aquest link :

If you are student and you need the UPC CARD contact with: 

  • Eva Martínez Hervás. Edifici D4C (EEABB). Despatx 154, telèfon 935521113

15. What if I lose my personal documentation during my stay (passport/ID card etc.)

In case you have been robbed or you have lost your personal documentation, you can check this information here:

International Students Office (ISO)

Campus Nord, edifici C3, plaça de Telecos
C. Jordi Girona, 1-3
08034 Barcelona
Tel. 93 401 69 37
Fax 93 401 74 02

16. Where can I find information about professors and courses?

You can consult it on the website. Usually, each course has information about professor and details about his/her office and timetable to contact them. Also you can check details about professors’ office place, email and phone number in the directory of  the university website (

17. Can you give me the summary of the process of my enrollment?