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Agronomic Science Engineering

On the bachelor's degree in Agronomic Science Engineering (which merges the content that had until now been taught on the bachelor's degrees in Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural, Environmental and Landscape Engineering), you will acquire the scientific and technological knowledge to design, plan, supervise and manage processes related to agricultural and livestock production; food quality control and safety mechanisms; the economic viability of farming companies; actions for environmental and landscape preservation and improvement; spatial planning; and fruit and vegetable production.

You can choose between two majors:

Horticulture and Gardening (HG).You will receive multidisciplinary training in areas such as environmental management systems; water use; landscape design; implementation of green spaces; ecosystems and biodiversity; fruit and vegetable production; and plant propagation and nursery techniques. You will also learn the fundamentals of engineering technology, which will enable you to design green spaces and carry out environmental conservation and improvement, landscaping and fruit and vegetable production projects.

Agricultural Production (AP). You will receive training in animal health, nutrition and welfare; livestock production systems; extensive farming and fruit and vegetable production; irrigation technology; agricultural machinery and buildings; crop protection; waste management; agroecology; and organic food production.

Professional opportunities
  • Technical management of agricultural and livestock farms and plant nurseries.
  • Freelance work: projects, consulting, advice, appraisals, site management, environmental studies, surveying applications, occupational health and safety studies, etc.
  • Public administrations (European Union, Spain, autonomous communities, city councils): rural development; spatial planning and management of rural areas; planning and management of green spaces and sports areas; management and use of municipal waste; and restoration and recovery of natural spaces.
  • Agricultural service companies: agricultural and livestock facilities, rural infrastructure, agricultural machinery, seeds, pesticides, fertilisers, irrigation systems, computer technologies for agriculture, quality control, etc.
  • Management and handling of water resources for agricultural use and agroenergy resources and use of agricultural waste.
  • Management of agricultural companies and cooperatives and marketing and sales.
  • Environmental and landscaping service companies: environmental impact and restoration studies and design of gardens and green spaces.
  • Research and development in companies and public bodies: agricultural biotechnology, rural development, agricultural economics, food engineering, rural engineering, environmental management, and animal and crop production.
Curriculum. Each semester 30 ECTS.
Fall Spring
1st year

First semester

  • Chemistry I
  • Drawing for Engineering
  • General Biology
  • Mathematics I
  • Physics I

Second semester

  • Chemistry II
  • Earth Sciences
  • Mathematics II
  • Physics II
  • Plant Biology
2nd year

Third semester

  • Cropping systems
  • Energy Systems and Components
  • Foundations of Plant Production
  • Hydraulics
  • Statistics

Fourth semester

  • Agricultural mechanisation
  • Animal Production
  • Geomatics
  • Market Analysis and Agricultural Valuation
  • Plant Genetics and Breeding
3th year

Fifth semester

Crop Protection

Economics and Business Administration

Horticultural Technology


  • Major Optional AP:

Animal Feeding and Nutrition

Rumiant Livestock Production


  • Major Optional HG:

Implementation and Management of Green Spaces

Landscape History and Composition.


Sixth semester

Environmental Studies of Projects

Horticultural Production

Irrigation and Drainage Technology


  • Major Optional AP:

Grain and Biomass Crops

Monogastric Animal Production


  • Major Optional HG:

Landscape Design

Multiplication and Nurseries

4th year

Seventh semester

Construction and Structural Design

  • Major Optional AP: Agroecology
  • Major Optional HG: Postharvest and Logistic

Optional credits (up to 18)

Eighth semester

Engineering Workshop

Treatment and Use of Waste and Water

Bachelor's Thesis (18)

Optional credits (up to 18)

Optional (up to 18):

Work Placement (12)

Mobility: Sicue, Erasmus...

Recognition for University Extension Activities (6)


Optional of the other major.

Entrepreneurship in the Agro-Food Sector

Economic Botany

Life cicle Assessment

Organic Agriculture


Optional (up to 18)

Work Placement (12)

Recognition for University Extension Activities (6)


Advanced statistics

6 ECTS for Subjects or ECTS in brackets