Foreign Students

What do you have to do before coming?

If you are interested in coming to study at Barcelona School of Agricultural Engineering (ESAB) as an exchange student, you should verify that there is a signed agreement between both institutions; you can check our partner universities.

Partner universities.

Application procedure

Students interested in carrying out an Erasmus stay should contact the International Relations Office at their university of origin.

Students have to register in the website for exchange students here:

You have to fill in the application form, selecting ESAB, exchange students and the specific studies of interest. You can consult the syllabus in our website.

Required documentation

You must select studies of interest and include also:

1.    The learning agreement (You'll find ESAB's model in this link).
2.    The curriculum
3.    The transcript of records
4.    The letter of motivation
5.     A copy of the passport, if it is possible.

When the application is finished is very important to press “Send request” because otherwise the application can’t be resolved. The student can see a “pdf” document with all details. This document must be signed by the student and the Erasmus coordinator.

Academic calendar

ESAB has an academic year, with two semesters.

  • Autumn semester (QT): from middle of September to end of January (including examination periods).

  • Spring semester (QP): from middle of February to end of June (including examination periods).

More information about important dates of the academic year in Academic Calendar.

Accommodation facilities

University residence at the campus: The exchange student and the visiting lecturer have the option of staying in the Campus university residence.  For more details.

More information on accomodation facilities at UPC: in English, in Spanish.

Which language we teach in ESAB?

UPC is a bilingual institution. Both the Catalan and Spanish are the official languages. At ESAB, classes in general are taught in Catalan, being a personal choice of each of the teachers to use the spanish or Catalan. However, When the students ask for it, exams might be done in English

Subjects taught in English at ESAB

Within ESAB studies, some subjects are taught in English for both school and exchange students. These can be consulted in this section: Subjects taught in English at ESAB
In addition, UPC offers language courses in Spanish and Catalan, designed for foreign students Servei de Llengües i Terminologia.

When you arrive...

We prepare for the exchange students the Orientation Week at UPC in which different workshops and cultural activities are organized. It is an opportunity to learn more about your school and meet other exchange students that have chosen Barcelona School of Agricultural Engineering to complete their studies.

Orientation week